Supakids was founded by Sophia Roomes who is a professional actor with 18 years experience. Sophia has acting in ‘Take a Break’ advert which has been on Sky and various other channels. She has performed in various theatres throughout London as well as The Bill & Family Affairs and has a BA degree in performing arts.

Sophia decided to start running drama workshops for adults and she put on shows for the community every 3 months. This developed and continued for 5 years and was a great success.

Supakids School of Acting was set up in 2008 and has developed into a dynamic acting school for children aged between 7 and 16 years old. Our teaching is set to a high standard and our work is very unique as young people are trained through improvisation workshops where their confidence and self esteem is pushed to a higher level, young people are developed on and off the stage.

Supakids has a good network of connections into TV and theatre for your child to get agent representation.

We also provide a healthy lunch for the children every Saturday on site, where fresh food is prepared. This gives young people time to eat, relax and reflect together on their afternoons work.


The way we work is very unique; children learn by interacting with each other in workshops there they develop skills in voice, body and spirit. Staff work very passionately and understand that each young person is an individual and different skills and tools are used to bring out the best in each child.

Children are trained 80% through improvised directing and 20% through the use of scripts. This is the unique way we choose to work, simply because we think this is the most effective way to get the best out of the children in terms of their thinking, energy and commitment. This brings a more natural flow to the stage. Fresh, raw and dynamic performances are developed through impro directing and our staff thoroughly enjoy teaching this way because it results in spontaneous pace and energy plus it gives the performances an authentic, real life feel which has resulted in positive feedback from audiences

Supakids is a warm and loving environment where skills are developed in a modern and fun way which feels like a large extended family. Children are firstly taught to work as a team, discipline is taken very seriously and staff work very passionately in order for a child to achieve his or her full potential. Our plan is to bring out the best in each young person. Children are trained to do their best to stay focused as this enables them to reach their end goal. Parents comment on the development of their child in terms of confidence and self esteem.


Performances are shown to the public every six months to a high professional standard and agents are invited to shows.

Shows are based around real life issues which young people face on the streets every day such as gun and knife crime, running away from home and various real life issues. They offer inspiring messages for both young and old and we ensure a positive message is delivered in every show – our aim is to promote LOVE, CHANGE, POSITIVITY and HOPE!


At Supakids we also collaborate with professional adult actors who are experienced and dynamic and who bring with them different insights and skills. They help our budding actors by showing them that they too can achieve their goals and be successful if they put their minds to it.


Supakids were runners up recently at the Spirit of London Awards hosted by the London Mayor, Boris Johnston.

Supakids were also given the honour to meet the Prime Minister at Downing Street for their outstanding achievements within the community.


Our mission is to “Empower children through Drama”.

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