The Supakids Team

All our staff are CRB checked.

Sophia Roomes
Sophia Roomes - Founder

Sophia is a passionate and qualified Actor/Director with over 15 years experience. She studied at Kensington and Chelsea College, The Bridge Drama School and Middlesex University and has performed on TV and has played lead roles in various theatres in london. She founded the Supakids Drama School in 2008.

Laban Roomes
Laban Roomes - Executive producer

Laban, a serial entrepreneur, came up with the Supakids name as in his own words "kids are super". He also helped with the initial funding needed to set up the company and is able through his network to bring much needed agents who can potentially get Supakids into TV and theatre. He is better known for winning investment from James Caan on the Dragons Den.

Fatima Thomas
Fatima Thomas - Assistant

Fatima is a key member of Supakids ensuring young people each receive a nutritious meal at lunch times.

Tyler Payne
Tyler Payne - Singing Tutor.

Tyler has been singing from the age of 8 and is a renowned and experienced trained singer with a gospel background. She currently sings in a youth choir and thoroughly enjoys teaching others in a fun and humourous way.

Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas - Dance Tutor.

Jordan is an experienced street dancer with a natural gift and has danced in many shows in various theatres. His style is unique, sharp and on point, children respond very well to Jordan as he is full of energy and trains young people to perfection.